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Saturday, April 17, 2004

Soccer Moms, Nascar Dads, tired or expired as Wired would say. So what's wired? the Jewish vote.... Jews for GOP?

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Does Bill "All Spin all the Time" O'Reilly have an obsession with Al Franken? This is the Bill that says the media is all liberals, yet has a TV show, a radio show, and syndicated column. BILL! you are the media, so stop playing the poor little victim. Dishonest, Moronic or Both?

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Ashcroft denies taking little interest in terrorism

Yet according to 9-11 testimony: former acting FBI Director Thomas Pickard said Ashcroft dismissed warnings of terrorist threats that summer and rejected appeals for additional counterterrorism funds.

Ashcroft claims he did ask for increases in the counterterrorism, yet the paper trail says otherwise,
Ashcroft's budget, which he sent to the Office of Management and Budget on Sept. 10, 2001, there were requests for spending increases in 68 programs, none of which directly related to counterterrorism.
According to the testimony given to the 9-11 commission: "In addition, FBI counterterrorism chief Dale Watson "told us that he almost fell out of his chair" when Ashcroft outlined his budget priorities in May 2001, because the list made no mention of counterterrorism, the commission reported earlier Tuesday.."
According to an official memo : Ashcrofts budget of the DOJ dated May 10, 2001, does not include terrorism among its seven high priority goals; in contrast to Attorney General Janet Reno's last budget memo in April 2000 that listed counter-terrorism as its top priority. According to the New York Times, Reno's counterterrorism budget increased 13.6 percent in 1999, 7.1 percent in 2000, and 22.7 percent in 2001.

If all else fails blame it on the Clenis: from CNN "he blamed the Clinton administration for hobbling antiterrorism efforts"
Former AG Janet Reno said she instituted the regular meetings because of complaints that information was not being shared quickly and efficiently. And Freeh said he recalled "extremely close cooperation" between his agency and the CIA in terrorist investigations.
If Ashcroft Says, 'Prevention of Terrorism Was the Number One Priority of the DOJ Before September 11,

Ashcroft, Official member of the (LDC) lie, distort, and cover your ass Club.
Ashcroft - May 9, 2001,
"To enable effective use of the intelligence collected on terrorists under FISA (the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) and the Executive Order (#12333), the attorney general also approves the passage of such intelligence to authorities in a position to prevent the planning, movement, or other actions of terrorists."
Ashcroft - April 13, 2004,
"We did not know an attack was coming because for nearly a decade our government had blinded itself to its enemies,"
.... "Our agents were isolated by government-imposed walls, handcuffed by government-imposed restrictions and starved for basic information technology."

Ashcroft was right in 2001, so his actions since then make him either lazy, imcompetent, negligent or a combination there of.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

When will Bush and conservatives learn. Sunni and Shiite hate each other, but they have joined together in their hatred of us. The south Koreans feel a deeper bond with North Korea then they do to the west. Ethnic, cultural, and nationalistic loyalties run deep. Like Ellsberg, I'm not a pacifist, but Bush and his apologists must learn that our military power should be applied like a fine incision, not a blount instrument. Bush has created a world less safe while amplifing the voices of Muslim fanatics. He can do all the empire building in the world and still not win the hearts and minds of those that can be convinced to be more moderate and democratic. Who can honestly look at the Middle-East now and say that Israel is safer, that terrorism is on the decline, and democracy is just around the corner. Daniel Ellsberg - Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers: "After Iraq, we are not going to be able to get any degree of cooperation from governments with large Muslim populations. Al Qaeda can grow and do what they want—they're safe, essentially."

Monday, April 12, 2004

Easter satire courtesy EasterBlogg

Moments after being sworn in as the 44th president, Dick Cheney said that disgraced former national security adviser Condoleezza Rice would be turned over to the Hague for trial in the International Court of Justice as a war criminal. Cheney said Washington would "firmly resist" international demands that Bush be extradited for prosecution as well.

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