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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Talk about understatement

The radical right has been doing a little too much drinking and looting and not enough paying attention to the battlefield.
It was not smart of Representative Todd Tiahrt this week to accuse Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas and Anthony Kennedy of being tools of the United Nations. It was arrogant of Tom Delay to think he could get away with paying his wife and family $500,000 from a campaign war chest he had filled with donations from companies for whom he performs ample legislative favors. The Bush administration stumbled badly when it cut funding for sewage treatment by 50 percent, and offered to let cities "blend" the raw sewage with rainwater and dump it into streams, lakes, and beaches. Women concerned about mercury poisoning are outraged at the idea of waiting a decade for cleanup. Bush promised hunters and anglers last fall that he would protect wetlands and waterfowl habitat -- he didn't mean it, he didn't do it, and now they are angrily telling Congress to make him keep his word. New EPA Administrator Steve Johnson stumbled badly when he was asked to defend a program that paid families to continue exposing their children to pesticides to see just how dangerous it was -- his nomination was held up and he eventually had to kill the idea.

What would anyone expect when the inmates are running the asylum. The conservative movement has become a gang of emboldened baboons that are all too glad to show their asses.

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