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Monday, May 09, 2005

Tom Delay, Conservatives and the new meaning of corruption

Capitalism was not handed down from the heavens engraved in stone. There are no hard and fast rules about what it should be. Unregulated its a threat to your consumers, investors and
a healthy economy in general. Unregulated and unretrained by ethics, its a cancer that benefits the few and hurts the many. When neocons speak of "capitalism", one should just get in the habit of inserting "unbridled greed" in its place, because thats what they're talking about. A healthy capitalism, informed by morality with a sense of responsibility, a real sense of the future of america and families can be the stairway to opportunity.... personal fulfillment, satisfaction in personal achievement, innovation.
Letting greed and its ugly cousin, POWER go unchecked doesn't make for a healthy economy for long.

False Claims for Energy Bill
In stark contrast to the Bush administration’s claims that the energy bill will reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil, the Department of Energy itself found that by 2025 the energy bill would actually increase oil imports by 82.9 percent....

A provision that halted the energy bill in the Senate last year has again spurred controversy. Aggressively supported by Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Tex), the provision exempts the oil and gas industry from lawsuits over liability for water contamination caused by the gasoline additive, methyl-tertiary butyl ether (MTBE).
The bill includes a liability waiver that protects producers, distributors, and users of MTBE from cleaning up their own contamination. Instead the burden is shifted onto the American taxpayer.

MTBE has been found in groundwater in 35 states; thousands of families across the U.S. have been affected by MTBE pollution. [4]

Tom frequently sites faith as a guiding force in his policy decisions. Faith in what ? The false god of oil and greed.

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