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Friday, July 29, 2005

Mark Kleiman on a great southern tradition that should die, but keeps returning from the dead looking like Bill Frist with too much eye make-up: Voter rights slight of hand in Georgia.
It is no accident, comrades, that the elderly and the poor are both disproportionately likely to lack official ID and disproportionately likely to vote Democratic. While the nominal purpose of the law is to prevent fraud, no one in Georgia seems to be able to point to an actual instance of someone’s committing vote fraud by impersonating a voter. (Absentee voter fraud, a much more prevalent problem and a GOP speciality, is not covered by the law, which in fact makes it easier to vote – and to vote fraudulently – absentee.

The south is a great place with much to be proud of, why does this kind of garbage keep coming back to haunt us. Isn't it supposed to be, you know, government by and for the people.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Kevin Drum nails the fake patriots otherwise known as conservatives

...Until Patrick Fitzgerald finishes his investigation, we won't know everything that really happened here. In fact, we still might not know even then. But we've learned one thing already: when presented with even a hint of evidence that someone on their team has treated national security with cavalier disdain, conservative concern with national security gets thrown overboard without a second thought. Dealing with Plamegate as a factual matter — did someone in the White House expose Valerie Plame's identity to reporters? — is no longer acceptable, because, after all, when facts are involved, there's a chance they can turn against you.

Instead, for most conservatives, Plamegate has now turned into the public relations task of convincing the public that even if Rove did out Plame, outing a covert CIA agent is a perfectly acceptable thing for a White House aide to do.

Welcome to the modern Republican Party.

Is the ultimate moral pusuit of modern right-wing radicals to lower the moral climate of the United States of America as far into the gutter as they can, thus ultimately winning some Orwellian prize for best party at twisting reality.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Cycles: African Life Through Art
you'll need flash to view it and if you're on a slow connection, some patience.

Why was Karl Rove editing intelligence documents ?

Recall that in 2003 Rove was not yet deputy chief of staff nor was he formally in charge of coordinating with the National Security Council as he is now. He was the senior political director at the White House. Why was he editing intelligence documents?


Senators Challenge Bush Administration's New Mercury Rule
The administration's new EPA rule exempts power plants from the list of polluting sources subject to strict mercury controls. Yet power plants are the largest man-made source of mercury emissions in the U.S., contributing 41 percent of the annual total. [1] By taking power plants off the list, the "delisting rule" led to the establishment of a cap-and-trade program that would limit mercury emissions from 48 tons a year to 38 tons in 2010 and 15 tons in 2018.

The Bush Cult-ure of Antilife: expose CIA agents, attack Iraq instead of terrorists, screw America's working class, reward wealth and punish work, and weaken environmental controls on one of the worse chemical toxics known to man. We need a true pro-life president. Could have had one in January, but the guy in the $2000 cowboy boots was a better liar.

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