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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

States don't have rights according to the GOP

Some states, like California aren't waiting for a Congress owned and operated by special interests to do something about global warming. Isn't that California's right, or any state's right to protect its citizens. Apparently not to the Bushiveks.

Bush Secretly Undermines State Efforts to Curb Global Warming
Buried on page 150 of the draft rule is a provision that would totally undermine state efforts to curb CO2 emissions:

[A] state may not impose a legal requirement relating to fuel economy, whether by statute, regulation or otherwise, that conflicts with this rule. A state law that seeks to reduce motor vehicle carbon dioxide emissions is both expressly and impliedly preempted

Its not a question of ARE right-wing radicals the biggest hypocrites at the bottom of the barrell, but what today or tomorrow's new hypocrisy will be. They're like abusive parents that swear they love their children, when they don't have a clue what love is.

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