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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Rethuglican and Pombo Environmental Patenting

ALERT: Pombo Environmental -Patenting- May PASS
To: National Desk, Environment Reporter

Contact: Tony Iallonardo of the National Environmental Trust, 202-887-8855

WASHINGTON, Nov. 18 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Following is a statement of Velma Smith, mining campaign director of the National Environmental Trust, regarding the "House's Massive Public Lands Giveaway":

"There must be better ways to generate revenue than selling off our national heritage. This is an unprecedented give-away of millions of acres of public lands to special interests at bargain-basement prices.

There's an old native American saying along the lines, that we don't really own anything, we are just the stewards of the land for the next generation. Cons are poor stewards of what is good for America's long term interests. Wouldn't most Americans, given a choice, rather leave a Grand Canyon, or a large proteceted national park system to their gardchildren, then a strip mine oryet another sububan development. With planning, we can have it all. Clkean livable cities, open spaces, preserve wildlife. Can't really understand why this battle even has to be fought. Well, greed and the arrogance goes with it has been embraced as the new virtue by people that go to sleep at night dreaming of winning that contest where those that have the most stuff when they die wins. Wins what ?

Blame-throwing Bush tries to burn Democrats
Bush to blame for Iraq more than the Senate

Friday, November 18, 2005

Was the SIR2 gene intelligently designed ?

Deleting 'Anti-Aging' Gene From Yeast Greatly Lengthens Life Span
A counterintuitive experiment has resulted in one of the longest recorded life-span extensions in any organism and opened a new door for anti-aging research in humans.

This gene has been around since...well lets says millions of years. If it was the result of an intelligent designer, did this designer a) plan for us to die after the current approximately 75 years, or B) did this intelligent designer plan for humans to, through serenpedity find this gene and delete it, thus artificially extending the life span designed by the designer.

Are the Busheviks backing death squads in Iraq ? Robert Dreyfuss seems to think so. If true, this would furhter scully the reputation of the USA in the world's eyes. Like it or not, many countries may resent the USA for various reasons, but we were respected. We stood for something, freedom, decency, and the rule of law. We were a beacon of light, something that many people hoped their respressive governments could someday be brought to emulate. Its looks like BushCo has brought back the Iran-Contra mentality.

Our Monsters In Iraq
So far, it appears that the facts are these: that Iraq's interior ministry, whose top officials, strike forces and police commando units (including the so-called Wolf Brigade) are controlled by paramilitary units from Shiite militias, maintained a medieval torture chamber; that inside that facility, hundreds of mostly Sunni Arab men were bestialized, with electric drills skewering their bones, with their skins flayed off, and more; that roving units of death-squad commandos are killing countless other Sunni Arab men in order to terrorize the Iraqi opposition. Even the Washington Post, that last-ditch defender of America's illegal and unprovoked assault on Iraq, says:

Scandal over the secret prison has forced the seven-month-old Shiite-led government to confront growing charges of mass illegal detentions, torture and killings of Sunni men. Members of the Sunni minority, locked in a struggle with the Shiite majority over the division of power in Iraq, say men dressed in Interior Ministry uniforms have repeatedly rounded up Sunni men from neighborhoods and towns. Bodies of scores of them have been found dumped by roadsides or in gullies.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Mangroves, Fishponds, and the Quest for Sustainability
Nice article, even some good, though small photos. Very grassroots oriented, local resources, local and global benefits. Used to"walk" the roots of the mangroves in Key West when I was a kid.

Why can't Bush give truth to words

I Was Wrong, but So Were You
They know the United Nations passed more than a dozen resolutions citing the development and possession of weapons of mass destruction.
This, too, is misleading. These resolutions called on Saddam to
declare the state of his WMD arsenal and, if he claimed there was no such thing,
to produce records documenting its destruction. The resolutions never claimedor
had the intention of claimingthat he had such weapons.
Saddam did
demonstrably have chemical-weapons facilities when the U.N. Security Council
started drafting these resolutions. But, as noted by former weapons inspector
David Kay (but unnoted in President Bush's speech),
President Bill Clinton's 1998 airstrikes destroyed the last of these
[M]any of these critics supported my
opponent during the last election, who explained his position to support the
resolution in the Congress this way: "When I vote to give the President of the
United States the authority to use force, if necessary, to disarm Saddam
Hussein, it is because I believe that a deadly arsenal of mass destruction in
his hands is a threat, and a grave threat, to our security.

It all goes back to what our grand parents, an uncle, or older sister told us at one time or another. If you're right, just tell the plain truth. Don't mince or parse words. Maybe Bush was drunk that night and didn't pay attention. If all that he's done so far related to Iraq, nationa; security, the economy, etc, was the right thing to do, then why does he keep being less then honest. Lesson, never buy a horse from anyone in this administration and bring your own saddle.

(blogger is giving me fits over block quotes, I'll try to clean it up when and if I have time)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

News for the working class. You remember them, working folks that pick up a check every week and hope it isn't their last. Folks that already know that something in America isn't quite right since the power elite got hold of even more power. So much power and the unearned wealth that goes with it they're giggling like Paris Hilton all the way to their off shore tax shelters.

Stupid or lying? Republican tax cuts continue to be pad for the economy

--OK, bad news. So, what did happen to all that money from tax cuts that was supposed to go into investment? It didn't go into higher wages — that's the factor that accounts for the generally dismal public perception of this economy. People don't see their income going up. Well, shareholders got more. Executives continued to get staggering pay packages. The increases range from obscene to excessive. I'll say this for America's corporate executives, they certainly weren't cowed by the Enron, Tyco, etc., scandals. There were a lot of stock buy-backs and acquisitions, but not much investment that creates jobs. --


Slowly, stealthily, globalization is taking a toll throughout the American middle and working classes, shutting down factories, decimating unions, even threatening the Southeast's cotton farmers, who fear competition from cheap fiber grown in Africa and South America. The crosswinds of free trade have achieved hurricane force, battering factories and offices, rendering them unsteady spheres where a worker with 10 years of good performance reviews can walk in any morning to find he's out of work.
Add to that health insurance costs, which have left millions of parents stranded in a scary place where they ignore a child's hacking cough unless it persists for weeks and put off their own checkups indefinitely. Even families with medical insurance have discovered that a major illness can lead to bankruptcy.
You'd think Congress would be working hard to ease the burdens of average working folks -- police officers, plumbers, paralegals. You'd expect Washington politicians would have devoted the past few years to helping parents who are still working to pay for their prescriptions, to demanding more energy efficiency in automobiles and household appliances, to funding more college aid for working-class students.
The GOP, of course, has done nothing of the sort. As lackeys of the big-business, wealthy-investor class (or charter members of it), congressional Republicans have done everything in their power to make the lives of working folks worse.

Is is funny how some marginal nitwits with actual jobs will call into an AM radio show or post some drivel on the internet about redistribution of income, when all they're doing is playing the sucker for a group of people with an incredible amount of unearned wealth ( they and their families have had money for years and they sit around collecting money from the work of others). The taxes those folks were paying just six years ago went to level the playing field just a little, and I mean a little, by supporting community colleges, state universities, job training programs, the street lights that make your neighborhood safer, fire and police protection, etc.
Like General Wesley Clark said, taxes are something nobody likes to pay, but everyone wants what they pay for.

Prescription for heart disease: pat a dog

Cole's team found that a 12-minute visit with a dog helped patients' heart and
lung function by lowering pulmonary pressure, reducing the release of harmful
hormones and decreasing anxiety.

Not true for those people that own a neurotic retriever that's afraid of lightning.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Responding To Bush’s Tirades

The only way to fight back is to just keep repeating what’s true. The
President misled America into war with Iraq, and has no plan to succeed in Iraq.
Just do what they always do for us. Leave the fact-based rebuttals to the
research kids, but as far as public relations go — just deride his little
play-act tirades and get back on message. He’s unworthy of the office - it’s
time to treat him like it.


Oliver keeps it simple and true. Bush is the stereotypical spoiled rich kid, who with all his advantages still couldn't make good. Bush and his cabal have no business running the world's premiere democracy, they have dragged our moral values into the gutter.

Libby May Have Tried to Mask Cheney's Role

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Giant Ape Lived Alongside Humans

Gigantopithecus blackii, the largest primate that ever lived.

There's a sketch at the link.

Josh Marshall on the sorriest president of modern times
What a sorry, sorry, unfortunate president -- caught in his lies, his half-truths, his reckless disregard ... caught with, well ... caught with time. Time has finally caught up to him. And now he doesn't have the popularity to beat back all the people trying to call him to account. He could; but now he can't. So he's caught. And his best play is to accuse his critics of rewriting history, of playing fast and loose with the truth -- a sad, pathetic man.
Chronicling the full measure of the Bush administration's mendacity with regards to the war is a difficult task -- not because of a dearth of evidence for it but because of its so many layers, all its multidimensionality. It's almost like one of those Russian egg novelties in which each layer opened reveals another layer beneath it. Hard as it may be, in the interests of getting Mr. Bush past the phases of denial and anger, let's just hit on some of the main themes.

Caravaggio's "Taking of Christ," painted in 1602 and misplaced after nearly four centuries; the figure holding a lantern at right is thought to be Caravaggio himself.

Jordan bombings bring a bizarre twist

The recent Al-Qaeda bombings in Jordan ( if it was Al-Qaeda, Juan Cole provides for possibility that thye may have been done by Iraqi Baathist ) might well have done what Preznitwit Bush could not do, namely starat turning the Arab world against Al-Qaeda. Up till now Bush has been Osama Bin Laden's best recruiter for Muslim militants, one by opening up Iraq's borders for Al-Qaeda to gain easy entry, given Al Qaeda and sympathizers easy access to high explosives that Rummy's too small occuoation force did not have the man-power to secure, and giving Al-Qaeda a propaganda toll ( infidels, in their view anyway, invading Arab land). Now that it appears that Al-Qaeda has attacked the middle-east equivalent of Switzerland, abet with strong ties to the USA, many moderate Muslims are rightly angry.

Al-Qaeda on defensive as bombs begin to backfire
AFTER years of al-Qaeda terror attacks in which thousands have been killed, many of them Muslims - the people they wish to recruit - voices of dissent are starting to be heard in the Middle East.

As moderate Muslims dare to protest at daily death tolls, even the prospect of one of Osama bin Laden's most feared cohorts, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, being handed over is being discussed.

Faced with the unprecedented outburst of fury among Muslims over its latest atrocity, al-Qaeda's concern about reaction in the Middle East was evident last week when it came the closest yet to an apology.

It offered an "explanation" for one of worst attacks to hit Jordan in modern history, in which suicide bombers turned wedding parties into scenes of destruction, killing at least 60 people and injuring 96 at international hotels in Amman.

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